The Bitcoins Project has the taken a step in residual incomes like you have never seen before. Our compensation plan is an expandable residual 2x4.

What to do we mean by expandble?

The Bitcoin Project has comprised a 2x8 forced matrix.

The first 4 Levels are Monthly Residual levels, meaning that each level will renew every 30 days.


When your 2x4 is completed you have the potential to earn 3.70 BTC each month

Once you are comfortable with your monthly income with our program you may upgrade the expandable levels 5 - 8.
Levels 5 through 8 are one time payments meaning they do not renew every 30 days.

This allows you to earn up to an additional 464 BTC while your downlines build their 2x4 without having to commit outrageous amounts of bitcoins
to other members each month. 

Bitcoins Project Company Forced Plan

We have created a 4 stage company program for our members who would prefer to participate in our program This program fills
from left to right , first in first out.

If a member in your downline upgrades before you do, you stand a chance for losing that commission. We advice
all members to upgrade to each level ASAP.