Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Bitcoins Project (TBP)?
TBP is an advertising platform that allows members of our community to sell advertising to other new members and collect commissions instantly via Bitcoin from our platform.

What processors do you use for TBP?
Bitcoin is the only processor we use currently. With Bitcoin all payments can be automated through the Blockchain.

How does TBP work?
You can see the graphic on the how it works page. We are a group/community of individuals who want to earn bitcoins through a member to member platform in which we sell advertising.

Can I have more than 1 account?
Yes you can have more than one account per household, but you must use a different email address per account. Stacking accounts is prohibited.

Are there refunds?
Each purchase is handled from member to member. You will need to contact the member in which you paid if you want a refund but it is not guaranteed.

What do I do if I  don't have a bitcoin wallet where do I go to open a bitcoin wallet?
The only places we highly recommend you go get a Bitcoin wallet are:

and the best Debit Card to have in our opinion is the Wirex Debit Card.

What is the subscription length of each level?
Levels 1-4 carry a 30 day subscription length.
Levels 5-8 are one time purchases.

Can you upgrade before you previous level is full?
Yes, you can upgrade to all levels at your own pace. We urge you to upgrade to each level ASAP in order to no miss any transactions that should go your way.

When should I upgrade to the Next Level?
We recommend upgrading as soon as you have received that amount of bitcoin so that you are still operating from the original amount used to purchase your initial position.

When will I receive my two referrals in level 1 from Spillover?
Spillover in any program is NOT guaranteed. We urge you to find your own two direct referrals.

Is TBP a Pyramid / Ponzi Scheme?
Short answer is NO. Pyramids only make the owners money at the very top, and Ponzi schemes generally have no products.
TBP allows all members to make the same amount of money recruiting the same number of people. TBP offers products in the form of advertising credits on our website platform.

How do I contact Support?
Please us the support tab from the navigation menu.